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  • Alison Lune Treat & Nourish Hair Cream
Alison Lune Treat & Nourish Hair Cream. A natural hair cream full of goodness nourishes the hair root and shaft. Its specially formulated ingredients strengthen hair, promote hair growth and leave your hair soft and looking shiny. Protein Hair Cream nourishes your hair with natural proteins derived from ingredients like Wheatgerm and Chickpea, while Gooseberry and Thistles promote hair growth. Key ingredients: Gooseberry, a natural hair tonic used extensively in Ayurveda, is an effective ingredient for treating the hair and scalp. It  strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also acts as an antioxidant. Chickpea, a natural source of proteins, effectively nourishes hair, making it healthy and strong. Thistle strengthens the hair root 

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Alison Lune Treat & Nourish Hair Cream

  • Product Type: Hair Treatment
  • Product Type: Hair Treatme
  • code : 0713652
  • Volume : 240 ml
  • Availability: 143
  • S.R 95
  • S.R 65

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